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Guest Reviews

What Guests Say About Longo Toyota

At Longo Toyota, our pledge is to deliver the best possible experience to our guests everyday. We love to hear how we are doing and invite you to share your story with us. Read what some of our guests have said about our service and our team members.

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Guest Michael writes on Dealer Rater:
March 26, 2014

I went in looking for 2014 Camry. I already knew what I wanted, but did not expect to leave with the car the same day. I was walking around the lot looking for the one I wanted, when Tony Hua approached me and my mom. He took us to the parking structure where there were many more cars stored and we went looking for the exact model with features I wanted. After finding the car, we took it for a test drive onto the freeway and back to the dealership. We started negotiating for the car and I had already set in my mind that I was not going to take the car if it was $1 more than I had in mind. Tony went back to his manager a couple times before he was finally able to get me the car for what I asked for. Tony was a great salesman to deal with and kept his cool the entire time and hooked me up with a good deal. I will recommend Tony to others and will come back to him for next car.

Guest Emily H. writes on Yelp!:
March 24, 2014

After a long car shopping day, I called Longo an hour and a half before closing looking for a specific Prius Plug-in and William Phan was able to help me and my husband find the one! Even though they were about to close, he still had us go, test the car a bit and was able to help us buy the car we wanted. He was also able to help us get a good deal on our current car so we were able to sell it to longo without having to shop around or list it on craigslist. After a long day of car shopping William was definitely the most hard working and nicest car salesperson we met all day. Thank you so much! Also I wanted to add Ali in financial services was great too. I had a lot of questions and he graciously helped me.

Guest Reposed writes on Dealer Rater:
March 18, 2014

What can I say about this dealership? They've obviously been the number one Toyota dealership for this many years for a reason, and I found out first hand why. I definitely got a five star treatment here. My salesman, Neil Polzin was amazing. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help me out. I have less than stellar credit and needed a car bad. I also couldn't afford to much down. For a month, Neil and I went back and forth trying to find the perfect vehicle and fit for my finances. He totally came through for me. I was able to walk out with an amazing car. He also knew so much about the car itself, that I don't think I even need to read a manual or anything. Overall, a great car buying experience and they made a customer out of me for many years to come. Thanks Neil, and Longo so much for making this happen!

Guest A. B. writes on Yelp!:
March 16, 2014

I want to share my experience at Longo Toyota. Overall it is a pleasant trip. The salesman Walter Kostecki is the one who offered me the best service over there. He answered my email first when I attempted to buy a car. We went back and forth, and he helped me narrow down the car I wanted. He also put a lot of effort to give me a reasonable price. When met in person, I found that he is a very nice young man, neat and organized, and very professional. He gave me a warm welcome and offered the service with a lot of patience.
So I'm giving him 5 stars for the excellent service. I am so happy to find the right person to help me with my new car.

I will definitely recommend him to my friends and I will ask for his help to buy another new car in the future.

Good job, Walter!!

Guest Ron A. writes on Yelp!:
March 7, 2014

What can I say about this dealership? They've obviously been the number one Toyota dealership for this many years for a reason and I found out first hand why. I definitely got a five star treatment here. My salesman, Neil Polzin was amazing. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help me out.

I have less than stellar credit and needed a car bad. I also couldn't afford to much down. For a month Neil and I went back and fourth trying to find the perfect vehicle and fit for my finances. He came totally came through for me.

I was able to walk out with an amazing car. He also knew so much about the car itself, that I don't think I even need to read a manual or anything. Overall, a great car buying experience and they made a customer out of me for many years to come.

Thanks Neil and Longo so much for making this happen!

Guest Liz D. writes on Yelp!:
March 5, 2014

Great service, and by that I mean, the only place I went to shop for cars that didn't make me feel like I was playing some sort of elaborate game that I didn't sign up for. There was no, "dealing", but a guy honestly trying to help me find the right car for me at a fair price. My old car literally broke down a block from the dealership in a torrential downpour, and Neil Polzin (our kick butt sales guy), actually came out and helped push it onto the lot.

The experience could not have been better. Thank you Neil, and thank you Longo Toyota!

Guest Ashley H. writes on Yelp!:
March 1, 2014

I went with my girlfriend to look for a Toyota Yaris certified pre owned. We originally were going to speak to David but he was tied up. They then had us speak to another older gentleman that had an appointment to get to. At first I was irritated but then they brought Ruben to us. He was very knowledgeable of their inventory and was able to pin point the best deal for us and brought the car around. My girlfriend was too nervous to drive in the pouring rain so Ruben drove us around. He was able to show us all of the features and was an enjoyable presence. A very kind and funny man. After my girlfriend decided this was her car, he sat us down and the negotiations started.

When I bought my car at Volkswagen Alhambra, they brought like 8 people for me to negotiate with. With Longo, it was only Ruben which was nice. He was EXTREMELY FAIR and able to give us the best deal. As well, offered us some life advice for two youngins like ourselves. What a great experience! The facilities are HUGE! A Starbucks, Subway, and kids corner, this place had everything.

I would DEFINITELY recommend this dealership and request Ruben. Such a nice man who is will to help you out!

Guest Marisa R. writes on Yelp!:
February 24, 2014

This was my first experience with any car dealerships. I had no idea what I was doing, but luckily the salesman who assisted me, Louis Wang, was helpful in every way possible. With a few roadblocks, I was still able to leave with a car of my own because Louis did all he could to help me. Initially I was scared because I always hear horrible stories about salesmen and their scam tactics, but in no way did I ever experience this. I'm so thankful for what he's done for me and will definitely be returning when I'm ready for a new car!

I'd definitely recommend the salesman, and dealership if you're looking for someone who looks out for you interest as well. So happy with my new car!!

Guest Mona M. writes on Yelp!:
February 12, 2014

This review is much delayed. I leased a Prius from Longo Toyota in August of 2013. I must say this was the easiest car purchasing/leasing process I have ever been through. I did it all via email and phone. I didn't need to go to Longo in person which was so amazingly convenient. My sales person was Patrick Ng and he was so nice and accommodating. I highly recommend him if you choose to come here. They had the exact car I wanted in stock, he was able to secure me a GREAT price after some negotiation. I faxed him all my info and before I knew it they were scheduling time to deliver the car to me. I signed the paperwork when they delivered the car to my work in Los Angeles. It was that easy! Highly recommend Longo and Patrick Ng for making car shopping so easy!

Guest Missy J. writes on Yelp!:
February 10, 2014

I usually don't write reviews, although I do lurk and read all the reviews (bad, I know), but I bought a Rav4 XLE from Longo and it was the least painful experience I've had yet (which is saying something). I was helped by Heecheer Yoon and my finance guy was Ali Adnan, who was nice and didn't try to push the service packages or accessories on me which I really appreciated.

I did a lot of extensive researching on prices between several Toytota dealerships and was pleased that they offered a competitive price right off the bat. I didn't have to haggle or go back and forth. I wrote this review, because I felt like it was important to articulate the experience at Longo Toyota. Extra thanks to Heecheer Yoon for dealing with my parents, haha.

Guest Sarah L. writes on Yelp!:
February 7, 2014

William Phan, you are the man!

This is my first new car purchase and the process could not have been easier.
I went several times to Longo to check out the Prius, test drive it, and finally bought it after discussing my options with the friendly help from William. The service was amazing and I never felt pressured to buy from the start. I highly recommend you go to Longo and ask for William! He is super friendly and will answer all of your questions! And thank you to the entire staff at Longo -- great team!!

Guest Tony L. writes on Yelp!:
February 2, 2014

This is our 15th purchase from Longo Toyota and my salesman Raymond Perez has always been there for us consistently giving us the best deal and best service ever.

Everyone, please don't go anywhere else but Longo Toyota and ask for Raymond Perez.

Guest Ed T. writes on Yelp!:
January 24, 2014

I have been looking at multiple dealerships for some time before buying from Longo. The salesperson I had was Amber Thomas and she did an excellent job. I had a complicated situation at first but Amber was still willing to help me out. She was also very accommodating. I remember I took the bus to the dealership at first and did not look forward to taking the bus back, but amber asked the concierge services staff to give me a ride to staples center. The fact that amber was able to offer me a ride without me asking is what stood out about her service towards me. Other dealerships who are not as far away as Longo would not even put the effort to do this. I'm a USC student so it was somewhat of a far distant to come here by bus, but the fact that Amber asked for a ride back is one of the reasons why I came back to Longo. She was very nice and never pressured me to do anything. And when I came to pick up the car, I initially got scheduled to be picked up by 4, but decided last minute to come in earlier to avoid traffic. I then told amber and she was more than willing to work around my schedule even though it was a last minute change. She told me the car might not be ready to go when I get there but I told her it's fine since it is my fault for changing the time at the very last minute. So she then made sure I got a ride to pick the car up and I asked if it was possible to tour my cousin around since he never came here before. She gladly accepted this offer and I thought I would not be able to get the car for a while, but i actually didn't wait too long.

Long story short, Amber has done everything I have asked and was very professional in everything she does. The paperwork and everything was quick and I was out with my car in no time. Amber also took the time to make sure I have any questions answered and told me all the features of the car before I left. She did not seem like she was in a rush and I love that. If I plan on buying another Toyota I will definitely go back to Longo and ask for Amber. I will also refer anyone else to Amber if you plan on buying a Toyota!

Thanks again Amber!

Maria V. writes on Yelp!:
January 21, 2014

We have bought all our 6 cars at Longo Toyota. Excellent service and good people who makes you feel at home. The service advisors are excellent. Kudos to Kirk Wallace, Jorge Valdez and Rob Mc Guire. They are the BEST!

Paul T. writes on Yelp!:
January 20, 2014

Matthew Saint is the go to guy to get your car at Longo! I would HIGHLY recommend him! I was looking for Toyota Prius Trim 3 and looked up internet prices. Matt replied to me with the most reasonable price and quickest response too! After weeks of searching pricing throughout SoCal, he was the one with the cheapest price and he was not pushing you to buy anything you do not want it! Overall the experience was great. He is fun to talk to and very knowledge about the cars (very important)! Again, he will not sell you anything you do not need unlike other dealer I spoke with kept pushing me to buy the equipment I do not want.

Guest Gabe M. writes on Dealer Rater:
January 7, 2014

Hi Fred Williams,

Once again thank you for giving us the highest level of great customer service I have ever witnessed in your industry. My Son has walked away from his first automobile purchase at Longo Toyota and his experience could not have been better thanks to and every member of your management staff. Please share this email with your extraordinary team. They treated us better than family!

All the best in 2014

Guest Claire D. writes on Yelp!:
January 6, 2014

You have to buy your next Toyota from Longo!

OMG, I struck out at so many other dealerships before I found out about Longo. The other dealers were rude and unorganized. They were not willing to negotiate.

But then I went to Longo and worked with salesman AC Chen. He is the BEST!!!
AC was so friendly and helpful. He knew his stuff. He knew about the car that I wanted, and he never gave me any pressure or anything. We negotiated a reasonable price, and it was all very easy. Wallace took care of me in the finance department, and that also was a piece of cake. I have never bought a car with such little hassle. It was incredible to me.

The service that I got at Longo was so exceptional. I could not believe that buying a car could be so stress-free. Because honestly, before this, I'd always felt that you come out of a dealership feeling like you'd been scammed somehow. Not at Longo. They have a ton of cars to choose from, and they will work with you to find the right car for you. No heavy sales pressure.

So, go to Longo and ask for AC Chen. As corny as it sounds, you will be so happy that you did!

Guest Mark L. writes on Google Local:
January 3, 2014

I am from San Diego County and drove 100+ miles to get to Longo. I passed by many Toyota dealerships along the way. Why? Best price, customer service, and huge selection. It is definitely worth the drive. I purchased a new car from them before, and I will buy my next car there as well. No hassles here. I recommend Alex Li.

Fairely Family writes on their SEVEN vehicles purchased at Longo:

Currently, we have two high school seniors graduating this year both wishing to select their first cars soon at Longo Toyota as well. Thank you for your continued high level of service and commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. We have enjoyed our favorite Starbucks treats or Subway sandwiches while waiting for our vehicles and have always received a warm hello and smile from the Longo staff. It is for that reason, we will remain loyal Longo Toyota members. Thank you!

  Guest Dan H. writes about how Longo made   
  his vehicle purchase memorable:

I bought my 1985 Toyota Deluxe ExtraCab from Longo Toyota on October 6, 1984. This vehicle was fresh off the ship from Japan. I was in the Marine Corps stationed at 29 Palms and desperately needed a new vehicle.  My wife and I had the good fortune to stop in at.

I wanted to buy a new truck but needed one that would last me for at least 10 years. While we lived in California, I always brought the truck to the Longo service department because I loved the way I was treated. 28 years later and my truck still runs great. We moved back to Indiana in 1987 so the Midwest winters have been a little rough on the body and bed of the truck but the engine has always run like new. 

The only repair work I have ever done is replacing the clutch after about year 15 and a little carb work that was very inexpensive. I have repainted the truck a few times over the years and just gave it a new blue paint job for its birthday that returned it very close to its original color. 

When we moved back to the Midwest, it pulled a U-Haul trailer from Los Angeles to Cincinnati. No matter what I have put it through, it has always kept running great. It only has 148,000 miles on it because it has been a third vehicle for about the last 15 years so it doesn't get driven a lot of miles each year any more. 

It has been a great truck and I don't want to give it up. I am still married to the same woman that walked in the door of Longo with me back in 1984 and I'm still driving the same truck we left your dealership with that day. Thanks for helping out a young Marine without much money and for making our first vehicle purchase together a memorable one.

 Christina C. writes about the way Longo restored her 
 beloved Toyota Celica, named Chiquita:

Dear Longo Toyota family,
I am writing you to thank you for all of the quality hard-work that each and every one of you does every single day. In 1980, my grandmother purchased her first car and she came home with a 1981 Toyota Celica. We later named the car Chiquita because the car was rather petite and the bright yellow paint is reminiscent of a certain tropical fruit (banana)!  

In my teenage years I got to drive the car and they told me if I took care of the Celica it would probably out last us all. Chiquita is the car I learned to drive in, it is the car I took to college, and the car I took on my first date with my future husband.

Fast forward six years, I moved to the bay area for law school. As a graduation gift my mother restored my 1981 Toyota Celica and she is better than new! Longo Toyota did the most wonderful job fixing my Celica. 

I plan to have this car forever, no one else is allowed to drive it and no one but Longo Toyota can work on it. Thank you for being a part of my family history.

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