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What is the Longo 1,525 Challenge?

Longo Toyota in Los Angeles

If you’ve visited our Sales showroom or looked at our social media recently, you most likely noticed the Longo 1,525 Challenge. Don’t know what that is? You’re not the only one, and without any frame of reference it can seem random—but there is good reasoning behind it. 

The easiest way to explain it goes something like this: Toyota Motor Sales (TMS, aka Toyota USA) sets a monthly sales objective for us. But, during different times of the year, they’ll challenge us to push ourselves a little further with a higher number. “We may be the number one dealership in the world,” says Aaron Misajon, New Car Sales Director of Longo Toyota. “But these challenges drive us to find ways to do more, knowing we have the determination to put our very best effort forward.” It creates exciting energy throughout Longo in every department, allowing us to not only move our inventory but more importantly, help our guests get into a new (or pre-owned) Toyota at a great price, with easy negotiation and, most importantly, have a great experience throughout the entire process. 

And what’s up with the Hawaiian shirts and beach balls? Well, every challenge is also tied to a theme, and since the Longo 1,525 comes to us at the end of summer, we thought we’d keep the fun moving throughout the entire month of September. So, now that you know more about what Longo Challenges are, make sure you take advantage of the savings while they’re hot—and don’t forget to grab a beach ball or a pair of shades!

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