Toyota Mirai Technology

Mirai: Technology of the Future

Mirai, or future in Japanese, represents the first mass-market hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in the world. Building on Toyota's history dating back to the 1920's, the Mirai incorporates technology from industries as different as textiles and military submarines to bring consumer vehicles into the twenty-first century.

Carbon Fiber Hydrogen Tank
Purpose-built and designed by Toyota, the Mirai's carbon fiber tanks feature intelligent monitoring systems to ensure safety even in the event of a crash. With three layers of varying permeability, rigidity, and impact resistance, these tanks are built to withstand even a .22 caliber bullet.

Fuel Cell
The Mirai's fuel cell is the powerful technology that transforms hydrogen into electricity. By combining the purified hydrogen with oxygen from the atmosphere, the advanced membranes in the fuel cell chemically combine the hydrogen and oxygen to produce water (
H2O). This reaction releases energy, which is then stored in the Mirai's battery to power the electric motor like a Prius.


Because the Mirai utilizes a combination of cutting-edge fuel cells and a proven Toyota electrical system, Toyota has been able to offer 300 miles of reliable, clean, and safe range with a refueling time comparable to traditional gasoline-powered cars.

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